Life on life's terms resulted in a business on my terms.


  • I feel like I’m on the treadmill of life.
  • I’m sick of trading time for money.
  • Working for others isn’t working for me.
  • What I really long for is more TIME—the freedom to spend more time with my family and pursue my passions.
  • What if the disruption of COVID was really an invitation to reinvent my life?

Do any of these thoughts run through your mind? Maybe it’s a passing thought while you’re stuck in another meeting, or a longing that keeps you up at night.

I’ve been there. A few years ago, I was living what seemed like the American Dream—I had a traditional career that paid the bills. I had a wonderful husband and a smart, athletic daughter about to leave for college. But then, unexpectedly, I lost my husband. In the midst of my grief, I had to find a way to make enough money to support my lifestyle and to help my daughter through four years of college.

I considered again trying to climb the corporate ladder I was already on, I enrolled in a local university and was prepared to spend $35,000 and 20 hours a week to attend night school. This huge investment of my time and money was all a gamble in hope of a potential future promotion. And I knew it would take too long.

At about the same time, my friend Cindy invited me to the launch event of her new business. I wanted to support her and I was curious. That night, Cindy invited me to partner with world-renowned experts with a proven track record of success. It was an opportunity to earn residual income, a must-investment for my financial portfolio. And the cherry on the top was being able to work with one of my best friends.

I joined Cindy in business that night. Not only did I begin earning a supplemental income immediately, but it also brought about so many more gifts.

     The gift of COMMUNITY. I was suddenly able to work for myself, but not by myself. My network grew to other like-minded women, also seeking to live a life they author. We are doctors, lawyers, students, nurses, wives, mothers, hairdressers, teachers, etc. This opportunity doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, education, or socioeconomic status. It’s a level playing field.

     The gift of INDEPENDENCE. Today, I have designed a business and a life I love based on the efforts I put in. I retired from that day job and am now in charge of my own schedule and time. I choose WHEN I work. And I determine WHERE I work – from the sidelines of a soccer game to a home office (sometimes it's on my hammock in the backyard) or wherever life takes me.

     The gift of IMPACT. Now I have the honor of guiding other women to challenge their own assumptions and be empowered to live the life they want. Every day, I help women build independent wealth so they can live their dreams. I help women like you learn how to be their own boss, how to be their best selves, and how to be of service to others.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, or you're feeling like you are capable of something more than the status quo, I encourage you to delve into what this is, and what this isn't. Do the research to see if this is the right fit for you. Make an informed decision about what could possibly influence the rest of your life.

If anything stirred inside you as you read this, follow that intuition. Fill out the form to get the insight you need to start living the life you were made for!

Susanne Lake

P.S. Had I gone back to college, I’d probably still be paying on those student loans, and who knows if I’d ever gotten that promotion!