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Hello there. My name is Susanne Lake—unapologetic rebel, driven leader, and champion of women.

I’ve always been someone who sees the possibilities beyond the status quo, and one not afraid to think outside the box.

I’m a German Capricorn, so determination and tenacity are woven into my DNA. And I utilize my drive to offer hope, inspiration, and leadership to women. I always knew, even as a young girl, that I was capable of achieving great things. But, like so many of us, I was bombarded with messages from an early age about the limits placed upon me as a woman.  

Why go to college when you’re just going to get married anyway?
You’re too pretty to be the boss.
Technology isn’t for girls.
You can’t fight city hall.

    As I started my adult life, I tried to fit into the expectations placed upon me. I explored careers in hospitality, tourism, and technology. But regardless of the job description or company I was working for, I felt stuck, limited by the proverbial glass ceiling.

     For a while, I stayed in that status quo. And there was a lot to be grateful for—I had a steady job that paid the bills, I was happily married to a wonderful man, and had a daughter about to leave for college. Then, unexpectedly, I lost my husband, and things started to unravel. My limited income wasn’t enough, and I knew I needed to make more money, and fast.

     In attending the launch party of a close friend’s new business, I found the opportunity I had been looking for my whole life. That night, my friend invited me to invest in myself and my abilities, and to partner with world-renowned experts with a proven track record of success.

     Not only did I immediately start making supplemental income, but I discovered a channel that could change the mantra for me and other women. It leveled the playing field. I could challenge the limits place upon me and bust that glass ceiling. I could be part of a movement of women empowering other women. I finally found a way to author my own life and champion other women to do the same.

     Today, I help women build independent wealth so they can live their dreams. The work I do every day empowers people like me and you to be your own boss, be your best self, and be of service to others. I would be honored to be your guide to help you achieve your dreams.  

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